Podesto’s Market

Podesto’s Market 1130 855 Chrystal

Here at Blue Dog Beverage we continually strive to build our customer base and expand our existing territory. We recently added our beverages to Podesto’s Market located in Stockton, California.…

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July 150 150 Chrystal

Everyone has a favorite memory of 4th of July celebrations. I remember back to my childhood and nothing resonates more in my memory than the sights, sounds and smells of…


BAWLS NEWS RELEASE 1080 675 Chrystal

Blue Dog Beverage would like to pass along this exciting announcement that was just shared with us. Please read below to participate in the BAWLS 25th ANNIVERSARY: BAWLS Guarana Celebrates…


HOPTONIC TEA 439 370 Chrystal

Hoptonic tea is coming soon to a Raley’s grocery store near you. Raley’s has long since carried many of our beverages which can be found in the mixers and premium…

Rise of the Craft Soda

Rise of the Craft Soda 395 558 Chrystal

Is your company looking for an artisanal beverage? How about a small-batch premium soft drink or, perhaps, a specialty brew to spice up your selection and boost sales? If so,…


New Directions at Blue Dog Beverage

New Directions at Blue Dog Beverage 2560 1707 Ben

In April 2019, Ben and Shari Anders, brave and intrepid adventurers that they are, set sail on a new adventure when they purchased Blue Dog Beverage, a craft beverage distribution…