It may seem quite cliché to say that Blue Dog Beverage started with a dog and an old pick up truck… but it did. Bob and Janet Lake, founded Blue Dog Beverage in 1999 and that’s how it originated, with a great business idea, some true hardworking grit, and their Black Lab helping them make deliveries.

Today Blue Dog Beverage is a craft beverage distribution company that services a large geographical area. We distribute over 700 different kinds of beverages and snacks to over 400 customers in Northern CA and Nevada. We pride ourselves on being an independent operation able to serve both large chains and institutions, as well as locally owned stores, restaurants, bars, and more.

In April 2019, Ben and Shari Anders purchased Blue Dog Beverage from its founders with the intention of growing the business and moving it solidly into the digital age while maintaining the connection to its craft soda roots.