Do you produce a craft beverage? Looking for distribution in the Northern CA and Nevada regions? We can help you grow your business.
We distribute over 700 craft beverages to over 400 customers in Northern CA and Nevada.

Our suppliers are mainly either small family operations or bottlers of unique licensed beverages. We have been distributing for craft bottlers for over 20 years. We also have our own line of craft sodas, so we have an idea of the challenges you may be facing.

Finding distribution can be a huge challenge, and finding high quality, reliable distribution can be an even bigger challenge. We pride ourselves on being great communicators and on being organized and flexible. We have trucks and drivers ready to go and can help you greatly expand your market reach. Our focus is on non-alcoholic craft beverages, especially craft sodas, which sets us apart from the alcohol distributors who dabble in non-alcoholic beverages. Our customers know our specialty and they turn to us for non-alcoholic craft beverages. Generally, we would buy the product from you, store it in our warehouse, and introduce it to our customers. It’s that easy.

Finding storage for your product can also be a big challenge. We can also help you in this area by warehousing your product for you in our conveniently located warehouse. This has several benefits. First, you don’t have to have your own big warehouse with loading docks, employees and high overhead. It also allows your existing distributor to access your product and distribute it to their customer base. Then, as we introduce your product to our customers, we notify you, pull the product we need from your inventory, and pay you for what we sell. Warehousing with us is very convenient to all parties.

Getting your brand’s name out there presents yet another challenge to craft beverage manufacturers. We have sales reps out in the field who will present your product to our customers and possibly get your product into places you’ve never dreamed of – restaurants, bars, universities, specialty shops, independent grocery stores, etc. We also meet with our large chain customers regularly and if your product is a good fit for them, we will introduce it there too. Over time we have built solid relationships with our customers and they trust our judgement and guidance when considering bringing in new products.

As a craft-beverage manufacturer and supplier of one of our 700+ unique craft beverages you are really what makes Blue Dog Beverage unique. Come be a part of our family!

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