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BAWLS NEWS RELEASE 1080 675 Chrystal

Blue Dog Beverage would like to pass along this exciting announcement that was just shared with us. Please read below to participate in the BAWLS 25th ANNIVERSARY: BAWLS Guarana Celebrates 25 Years June 10, 2021 – Twinsburg, OH —BAWLS Acquisition LLC is proud to announce that BAWLS Guarana (BAWLS) is celebrating 25 years of fueling…

HOPTONIC TEA 439 370 Chrystal

Hoptonic tea is coming soon to a Raley’s grocery store near you. Raley’s has long since carried many of our beverages which can be found in the mixers and premium soda aisles as well as in the craft soda cold section. Hoptonic tea will soon be found as a nicely chilled ready-to-drink beverage.  Regenerative Botanicals™…

Time to get Bucked Up 498 528 Chrystal
Time to get Bucked Up

Now Introducing your next favorite energy drink, BUCKED UP® ENERGY. Us Americans sure do love our energy drinks, earning us the world’s #1 ranking in market consumption. The energy drink market is on fire. Allied Market Research projects annual growth rate of 7%.  Stores are crazy not to sell them, and soda companies are rapidly…


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