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The Top 3 Northern CA Calypso Distributors 466 472 Chrystal
The Top 3 Northern CA Calypso Distributors

Calypso Lemonades are some of the most popular drinks on the market.  They are easily found at grocery stores and convenience stores alike. Calypso is a delicious beverage and comes in 20 flavors. Calypso has redefined how we think of lemonade. The makers of Calypso essentially divide its flavors into three categories; lights, lemonades, and…

Podesto’s Market 1130 855 Chrystal
Podesto’s Market

Here at Blue Dog Beverage we continually strive to build our customer base and expand our existing territory. We recently added our beverages to Podesto’s Market located in Stockton, California. Podesto’s Market has been serving the community since 1982 and has been voted the best supermarket for several years now. They offer delicious fresh produce…

They all Scream for Ramune! 492 236 Chrystal
They all Scream for Ramune!

Ramune, is probably the hottest thing to hit the shelf since sliced bread! Although it seems no one can pronounce it correctly. No need to roll the R. The E is not silent. And it is not a long U. I’ve heard customers ask to order this delicious Japanese soda pronounced in so many different…


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