HOPTONIC TEA 439 370 Chrystal

Hoptonic tea is coming soon to a Raley’s grocery store near you. Raley’s has long since carried many of our beverages which can be found in the mixers and premium soda aisles as well as in the craft soda cold section. Hoptonic tea will soon be found as a nicely chilled ready-to-drink beverage. 

Regenerative Botanicals™

The makers of this line of teas have gone above and beyond when thinking about the consumer. The forward thinking consumer. The health and sustainability conscious consumer. These consumers will particularly gravitate toward such an effort which the company is referring to as Regenerative Botanicals™. 

Every last organic ingredient used to brew these delicious teas come from farms that practice regenerative agriculture. A principal that re-establishes practices such as relationships between people and land, building soil health, efficient use of resources, etc.,

Hoptonic botanicals come from perennial plants, which sequesters carbon from the air and stores it in the roots, helping soil fertility. It’s their way of reversing climate change.

Supporting Sustainability

The National Resources Defense Council is doing everything it can to support Ranchers and Farmers who are practicing this centuries old principal of regenerative agriculture. “We believe that every person has an important part to play in our food system, from producer to consumer.”

It looks like Hoptonic teas will leave a footprint in leading by example as a responsible and earth-friendly Manufacturer. 

Not only will consumers benefit from the antioxidants, adaptogens, and prebiotic properties of each Hoptonic tea, but they’ll feel at ease knowing they are part of the solution by supporting a business that is making a change.