Happy 4th of July 150 150 Chrystal

Everyone has a favorite memory of 4th of July celebrations. I remember back to my childhood and nothing resonates more in my memory than the sights, sounds and smells of the holiday. Which of course included a good BBQ and fun drinks, surrounded by friends and family leading up to the big event. One of my fondest memories is of this Ice Cream Punch my mom use to make for us kids. It can be made in a variety of ways depending on the soda and ice cream used.

Ice Cream Punch

1 large punch bowl

1-2 liters of a lemon lime soda (variable)

Orange Sherbet Ice cream (variable, 4th of July try a Lime Sherbet that is white in color)

Frozen Strawberries & Blueberries (4th of July theme)

You will need a base soda. A nice lemon lime soda always does the trick, like Bubble Up, 7-UP, or Squirt with scoops of sherbet ice cream in a large punch bowl. Try a twist, using an orange cream soda such as our River City 50/50 Orange Cream, or Dad’s Orange Cream with scoops of vanilla ice cream. I wouldn’t pass up the option using a beloved Saranac Shirley Temple either. Yum. This take on a Ice Cream Punch can be done in a variety of ways, and the kids go nuts for it!


Although the Ice Cream Punch is a super fun idea, sometimes the individual float is the way to go. I would recommend our very own River City Root Beer for a classic Root Beer Float. Also, the River City 50/50 Orange cream for a Creamsicle Float. Just add vanilla ice cream. The Blueberry Lemonade would also be served in the spirit of the red white and blue by garnishing it with frozen strawberries.

For Adults

How about a fun cocktail for the adults? If you’re hosting the event at your place, try a signature 4th of July cocktail for your guests! Again the River City Blueberry Lemonade would come in handy for this festive cocktail. Adding a jigger or rum or vodka garnished with a slice of lemon and maraschino cherries. This would be a simple and consistent cocktail for the host.

With so many drinks to choose from here at Blue Dog Beverage, it’s easy to get creative and make up your own unique recipes. Hey, and if all else fails, grab a variety of red, white, and blue sodas and throw them in a cooler full of ice. Great selections can be found at Raley’s, Nugget Markets and Save Marts near you.