Rise of the Craft Soda

Rise of the Craft Soda 395 558 Chrystal

Is your company looking for an artisanal beverage? How about a small-batch premium soft drink or, perhaps, a specialty brew to spice up your selection and boost sales? If so, you’re on the right track.

The data is proof, and the trends are obvious. Craft Soda is in!


All-Natural Ingredients Sway Sales

There is a key opportunity for retailers to drive sales by offering a premium beverage selection. Artisanal sodas not only add a variety of flavor in unique packaging to the shelves,  but also some good ole’ ingredients.

The Big Dogs of the soft drink industry are seeing a downturn in the market. As a result, more health conscious consumers are turning toward craft sodas. These premium craft beverages call attention to their all-natural ingredients, sparking consumer interest to their uniqueness and generating new sales.


Excitement Generates New Sales

As with any product that gains loyalty, the consumer finds it interesting and exciting to have access to a unique product. Typically, something that sets them apart from the commercial masses. Premium Craft Beverages do just that. From their flavors, to their packaging, to their grass roots’ story.

The consumer finds a personal connection to the product. Perhaps an appreciation for the local company that brews and bottles it. Or maybe, that it’s made with TLC in small batches. Whichever the appeal, there’s no doubting that exclusivity always generates consumer excitement. That excitement is the drive to try something new. For retailers, it’s the hope of it becoming the favorite go-to and the consumers’ new household brand.


Craft Soda is Here to Stay

Craft soft drinks have been around since the 1800s.

In fact, here at Blue Dog Beverage we carry many of those original craft brands that have stayed  in competition with big name soda companies for generations.


What’s more encouraging is that some of our top selling premium beverages are Mom-n-Pop local brands. These local treasures have worked their way into the premium aisles and are successfully competing with commercial sodas.


The Bottom Line

As retailers, you simply just can’t go wrong with a premium craft selection. Craft brands come with a quality touch, a unique story, and exquisite flavors made with natural ingredients.

Consumers crave novelty. It changes the conversation and becomes the focal point of desire. And in this case, novelty inspires our meals, cook-outs, and good old-fashioned family gatherings.