Podesto’s Market

Podesto’s Market 1130 855 Chrystal

Here at Blue Dog Beverage we continually strive to build our customer base and expand our existing territory. We recently added our beverages to Podesto’s Market located in Stockton, California. Podesto’s Market has been serving the community since 1982 and has been voted the best supermarket for several years now. They offer delicious fresh produce and quality meats.

For the last 38 years Patrons have experienced excellence in terms of customer service as well as a wide selection of imported and domestic foods. Podesto’s Market is also competitively priced making it everyone’s neighborhood market. 

During a conversation regarding the new beverage set, Bernie Morgenstern, Owner of Podesto’s Market said, “We sell over 300 sandwiches from our deli per day,” He explained. “You bring in the beverages and we’ll sell them.” 

Award Winning Sandwiches

Podesto’s has the best sandwiches around and the community flock to Podesto’s daily to grab their favorite one. Reviews online rave of the sandwiches and the delicious deli meats used to prepare them. Podesto’s is a must visit if you are in the Stockton area. To the left and rear of the deli you will find all of the delicious beverages to make your meal complete.

Stop by Podesto’s Market today. Don’t miss your chance to grab your favorite drink and a famous made-to-order deli sandwich. Podesto’s Market is conveniently located at 104 Lincoln Center on the corner of Pacific Avenue and Benjamin Holt Drive in Stockton, California.