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Podesto’s Market

Podesto’s Market 1130 855 Chrystal

Here at Blue Dog Beverage we continually strive to build our customer base and expand our existing territory. We recently added our beverages to Podesto’s Market located in Stockton, California.…

They all Scream for Ramune!

They all Scream for Ramune! 492 236 Chrystal

Ramune, is probably the hottest thing to hit the shelf since sliced bread! Although it seems no one can pronounce it correctly. No need to roll the R. The E…

Rise of the Craft Soda

Rise of the Craft Soda 395 558 Chrystal

Is your company looking for an artisanal beverage? How about a small-batch premium soft drink or, perhaps, a specialty brew to spice up your selection and boost sales? If so,…