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Leading the Root Beer Revival!

I laugh every time I see a case of Sparky’s Fresh Draft Root Beer.  Printed on the box in big red letters it says LEADING THE ROOT BEER REVIVAL!  I didn’t even know there was a root beer revival and I’m a craft soda distributor.  I also get an image in my mind of people gathered under a big tent somewhere in the South, root beers in hand, praising the Lord for root beer and swaying in rapture to The Allman Brothers’ song, Revival: “People can you feel it, love is everywhere?”


I really don’t know if there is a root beer revival or not, but I’d like to hope so.  At Blue Dog Beverage, we distribute over 50 root beers and sarsaparillas throughout Northern California.  We also carry more than 20 ginger beers, more than 10 ginger ales, over 40 cream sodas, 30+ options for cherry or black cherry sodas, and much, much more.  Given the line of business we are in, I’m hoping for not just a root beer revival, but a craft soda revival.  As a matter of fact, I think Blue Dog Beverage is LEADING THE CRAFT SODA REVIVAL! in Northern California.

Soda is everywhere these days. What’s so special about craft soda?

  • Craft soda comes in nostalgic glass bottles! If you’ve tried it, you know that drinking out a glass bottle tastes better and feels better. If you’re old enough, you remember doing this as a kid.
  • 95% of it is sweetened with cane sugar and contains no high-fructose corn syrup.
  • Its variety is endless compared to the mainstream brands like Pepsi and Coke. Have you ever had a coconut cream soda, a creamy red birch beer soda, or a Shirley Temple soda that tastes like the ones you used to get from the bartender when you went out to dinner with your parents? How about a butterscotch root beer, a rose lemonade, or a lemon meringue soda?  Have you tried a blueberry lemonade? You see what I mean?

Set yourself apart from other business owners:

  • Most importantly, maybe, if you are the owner of a business that sells beverages, you can use craft sodas (and other craft beverages) to set your business apart from other similar businesses. You have spent lots of money, probably 10s of thousands of dollars to set your business up and make it exactly as you imagined it.  You have put your heart, soul, and fortune into it.  It is your unique vision come to life.  Be careful not to let it slide back into the ordinary by only carrying mainstream Pepsi or Coke products.  Make your restaurant, bar, convenience store, candy shop, hardware store, specialty grocery store, etc. special with craft sodas!

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