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The Boylan Bottling Company has been making sodas in small batches since 1891. They weren’t the only ones making sodas back then, but unlike many of the world wide brands conceived in that same era, Boylan has remained true to its roots and committed to producing only authentic handcrafted soda.

Boylan hand-crafted sodas stand on their own and they speak for themselves with no hype, no marketing tricks. While their sodas might cost more per ounce than the big soda pop brands, all of that cost is in their product…not paying for slick ad campaigns and celebrity spokesmen. They’ve learned that the best way to sell their sodas is simply to be the best, and the accolades and awards which they’ve received tells us here they are doing a very good job.

Blue Dog carries the whole Boylan line including: Root Beer, Grape, Orange, Creme, Cola, Diet Cane Cola, and Seltzers to name a few.