Time to get Bucked Up

Time to get Bucked Up 498 528 Chrystal

Now Introducing your next favorite energy drink, BUCKED UP® ENERGY.

Us Americans sure do love our energy drinks, earning us the world’s #1 ranking in market consumption.

The energy drink market is on fire. Allied Market Research projects annual growth rate of 7%.  Stores are crazy not to sell them, and soda companies are rapidly slinging their energy drinks out to get a slice of the pie.

You, I and the other guy have all grabbed an energy drink at some point, but what sets one apart from the other?

Lets take a closer look at how Bucked Up measures up.

An Industry Leader

Bucked Up has been a popular fitness & wellness industry leader known for their work-out supplements since 2013.

Bucked Up has been fairly exclusive to the work-out world. Known for providing powdered supplements for energy, work-out recovery and meal replacement, to name a few. They have a massive network of brand ambassadors and a loyal following of devoted consumers. 

Last year, Bucked Up hit the market running with a ready-to-drink energy drink. Initially, the drink Debuted on the East coast but has now made itself available for commercial distribution and retail here on the West coast. No more web surfing to find it online, no more waiting for a shipment to arrive. Why? Because Blue Dog Beverage is contracted with BUCKED UP® ENERGY as the EXCLUSIVE distributor here in California.

Why wait for it to be shipped cross-country when it’s available in your own backyard?

Representing Quality & Transparent Ingredients

Bucked Up specializes in sports nutrition scientifically blending ingredients to achieve the perfect supplements. Formulated with the same purpose in mind, gave way for the development of the energy drink. Surprise, it’s not just caffeine.

BUCKED UP® ENERGY formulates its beverage to produce real and long-term energy.

The beverage is a non-proprietary blend so that you, the consumer, know what you’re drinking. The main ingredients are Dynamine (The Sharpshooter), TeaCrine (The Overachiever), Caffeine (The Shotgun), AlphaSize® (The Whiz Kid), East Meets West Formula (The Science Sage), and Beta-Alanine (The “Tingling” aka Upgrade).

Bucked Up energy drink currently comes in 6 flavors:


Killa OJ

Blood Raz

Wild Orchard

Strawberry Kiwi

Pink Lemonade

It’s all Bucked Up

You just can’t deny the difference once you’ve tried Bucked Up. The flavors are amazing and don’t taste like your run-of-the-mill energy drink. Bucked Up is tasty! Not only are the flavors Bucked Up but so are the ingredients, and with 0 calories and the long lasting boost of energy you need, you’ll never reach for the other guys can of energy.