THINK Jerky 2560 1781 Chrystal

Who doesn’t love a good jerky from time to time, am I right? There’s quite a few choices out there and there are some brands that have stood the test of time. Most of the jerky choices out there are high in sugar and salt content which doesn’t make them a very healthy snack option. THINK Jerky on the other hand, has put a lot of thought into their THINK where this is concerned.

A Healthy Option

THINK Jerky recipes are chef inspired and only contain 100% grass fed beef. Consumers can also rely on the fact that THINK Jerky is non-GMO, has no hormones, antibiotics, gluten, or nitrites and is paleo-friendly all created by Michelin-star Chefs. Sounds delicious and nutritious to me! Founder of THINK Jerky, Ricky Hirsch sure did “take jerky from gas station food to health food!”

A Delicious Appeal

The sleek and clean design of the packaging is quite appealing as well. The packaging represents the product inside the bag. On the backside of each bag of jerky features the chef who created the flavor. THINK Jerky is offered in a 1 oz bag as well as a 2.2 oz bag. And of course, the traditional jerky sticks. There are four flavors offered in a bag which are Classic, Sesame Teriyaki, Sweet Chipotle and Siracha Honey. And two flavors offered as a jerky stick which are Turkey Original and Beef Original.

A Charitable Cause

Not only is THINK Jerky a quality product but a quality company. THINK Jerky donates a percentage of all proceeds to a charity that teaches veterans with PTSD to meditate and heal themselves naturally. That’s what you call forward THINKing. You’re eating good and doing good.

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