New Super Hydrating Beverage made from a Desert Plant. What???

New Super Hydrating Beverage made from a Desert Plant. What??? 879 825 Ben

A super hydrating beverage made from a desert plant?!?  That doesn’t make any sense.  Or does it?  Everyone knows there’s no water in the desert.  It’s full of scrub brush, cacti and dust.  But look a little deeper and you will find water.

Desert plants need to be able to store water to survive.  The Nopal Cactus is an expert at this.  It contains a powerful hydrocolloid.  This is the particle in the cactus that allows it to store water.  It’s also the secret to the hydrating powers of ¡Cactus! – The Desert Hydrator Organic Cactus Water, the new beverage made with the paddles of the Nopal Cactus.

The Nopal Cactus is the classic cactus from the movies with the wide flat round paddles and the bright red fruit.  Mexicans eat the meat of the Nopal in many dishes.  Latin American curanderos, or folk healers also recommend it for digestion, skin conditions, colds, etc.

Sarita Lopez, a young Latina organic farmer from Napa Valley California grew Nopal Cacti on her family farm and sold the paddles at the local farmers’ market.  When she realized how popular they were with customers, she decided to try the meat herself as a last ditch effort to clear up her eczema.  Nothing else had worked, but the meat of the Nopal Cactus did.  That’s how she learned the hydrating power of the Nopal Cactus.

Seeing the medicinal powers of the Nopal Cactus first hand, Sarita created her first Cactus Water Beverage, Green-Go Cactus Water, which has now morphed into, ¡Cactus! – The Desert Hydrator.  It comes in 3 refreshing flavors: Lime, Papaya and Watermelon.  Drink it cold on a hot day, or after a steamy workout, and you will instantly feel its hydrating power as the hydrocolloid goes to work promoting water absorption and retention in your body.

On top of that, ¡Cactus! The Desert Hydrator also naturally contains antioxidants, electrolytes, and amino acids, including taurine.  In addition, research shows that the juice from the cactus leaf may promote muscle recovery, reduce oxidative stress and therefore inflammation, combat free radicals, and support skin and heart health.

Most exciting for some, the juice from the cactus leaf has also been shown to lessen the effects of hangovers.  And most exciting for others, this plant is 100% sustainable.  The paddles can be harvested up to 6 times per year with no damage to the plant.

So support your local, woman-owned, minority-owned business and buy this delicious, refreshing, powerful, sustainable, hangover-reducing, beverage made from a tough, spiny desert plant with a soft juicy interior.  Check it out in the Products page of our website.  Also now available in select Raleys grocery stores.