New Product Announcement: TACO WORKS

New Product Announcement: TACO WORKS 389 137 Chrystal

San Luis Obispo, California is home to the delicious Taco Works chips. They has been around since 1976. Taco Works started as a family-run Mexican Restaurant that became the Taco Works chips company it is today.  Ty Bayly used the feedback from customers to develop the special flavors that are used today in the chip recipes.

Outstanding Flavors

Who doesn’t appreciate and admire a home grown business, especially when it’s a local business communities can support. Customers liked the chips so much that the growing demand for the chips outgrew the restaurant itself. Taco Works has perfected three flavors of chips that consumers just can’t get enough of.

Taco Works Original Tortialla Chips have a subtle yet addictive mix of seasonings.  They are also available in Salsa, Nacho, Hot Nacho, and Chili Cheese seasonings. They also offer the Montana De Oro Tortilla Chips which are made with white corn and seasoned just with plain salt.

Salsa Chips: The same chip as the original, with a salsa seasoning

Nacho Cheese Chips: The same chip as the original, with a nacho cheese seasoning.

Hot Nacho Tortilla Chips: A spicier version of the Nacho Cheese Chips.

Chili Cheese Tortilla Chips: A cheesier, spicier version of the Original Chips.

Montana De Oro Tortilla Chips: A white corn tortilla chip more simply seasoned with salt.

Where to Buy Taco Works Chips

Blue Dog Beverage will now be distributing Taco Works Chips to businesses around Sacramento and throughout much of Northern California.  As the Taco Works company continues to grow, it won’t be long before you see these chips at every corner store, gas station, and grocery market. Yes, they’re just that good!