Hops + Tea = Hoptonic Tea

Hops + Tea = Hoptonic Tea 439 370 Chrystal

Do you crave the cold crisp taste of a good beer, but need to avoid the alcohol? How about a tea that is brewed with the same hops that give beer its delicious flavor.  Hoptonic Tea may just be the answer you are looking for.

Video Link to California Live

The founders of Hoptonic Tea use only organic ingredients and brew these teas in small batches. Sometimes seeing is believing. Check out this quick video that walks you through the ingredients and brewing process for this delicious line of tea’s on California Live.

Bottom Line

So what did you think? It’s pretty innovative if you ask me. I love the smart combination of sedative hops, tea’s and other calming ingredients. Give Hoptonic a try and tell us what you think. Hoptonic Tea’s can be found at Raley’s Grocery Stores, Oto’s Market, Rocky’s Markets, and many other independent groceries, restaurants, and more.