Blue Dog Adds Delicious New Calamansi Juice Drink to its Portfolio!

Blue Dog Adds Delicious New Calamansi Juice Drink to its Portfolio! 2560 2560 Ben

Blue Dog Beverage has recently added a new beverage to its portfolio of over 600 beverages.  Nomsi brand Calamansi Juice Beverage is made from the juice of the calamansi fruit and sweetened with cane sugar and honey.  It comes in 3 flavors: Calamansi with Honey, Calamansi with Mango, and Calamansi with Raspberry.

What is a Calamansi?

The calamansi fruit is a small citrus fruit about the size of a small lime, native to the Philippines, Indonesia, Southern China, and Taiwan.  It goes by many names including calamondín, calamonding, and Philippine lime.  Calamansi is a hybrid between a kumquat and another citrus fruit, most likely a mandarin orange.

Who uses the Calamansi?

Calamansi is a staple in Filipino cuisine.  Filipinos use it as a condiment on pancit noodles and other foods.  They use it as a marinade for meats and for flavoring other dishes, including desserts.  Most importantly, Filipinos use the calamansi to make a delicious citrus beverage.

Koreans use the Calamansi as a mixer for Korea’s number one alcohol, Soju.  It is used in Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Indonesian cuisine as well.  Hawaiians make marmalades with it.  Others make pie, pickles or syrup.  Some skin creams also contain calamansi.

Why is the Calamansi so popular?

Why is such a small fruit so popular?  It’s because the calamansi packs a lot of power both in flavor and health benefits.  It is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and potassium. It has been revered in Asia for centuries for its medicinal properties.  It is used to fight colds, rejuvenate the skin, and promote digestion.  This makes Nomsi a truly functional beverage.

What does Nomsi Calamansi Drink Taste Like?

Even with all the health benefits, the most exciting part about the Nomsi Calamansi Juice Drink is its delicious, refreshing flavor.  It’s very hard to describe exactly what it tastes like.  You can taste the essence of the orange, the kumquat, lime, and lemon.  Drink it cold and every sip makes you want to take another as your brain works hard to identify the tapestry of flavors.

Then a part of you wonders how it would taste mixed in a cocktail with your favorite alcohol. No need to wonder very long, great calamansi mixer recipes are all over the internet.  Try a highball with Japanese Shochu liquor, a calamansi screwdriver with vodka, a calamansi rickey with gin, or a calamansi whiskey sour.  And of course, as you drink your cocktail, you know you are also doing something good for your health.  Hehe, wink wink!

Where can I find Nomsi Calamansi Drink?

At Blue Dog Beverage we are very excited to be distributing Nomsi Calamansi Juice Beverage.  It is already selling well at Oto’s Japanese Market in Sacramento, Berkeley Bowl, Mulberry’s Market in Piedmont, Kusina@Lumpia Filipino restaurant and grocery in Natomas, Sacramento State University, Harvest Markets in Fort Bragg, Mendocino and San Francisco, Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco, Martinez Liquor and Market, Zarri’s Delicatessen in Albany, and more.

Watch out America!  Here come the small but mighty calamansi and the healthy and delicious Nomsi Calamansi Beverage!  Check it out on in the products section of our website.