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Blue Dog’s Asian-Inspired Drinks

Blue Dog’s Asian-Inspired Drinks 900 685 Chloe

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the United States. With two brand new sodas added to Blue Dog’s lineup, we wanted to showcase all products that…

Shonen for All Ages!

Shonen for All Ages! 1800 1185 Chloe

“Shonen” means boy or “few years” in Japanese. Blue Dog’s newest and exciting product Shonen Soda was crafted by Japanese-American, Ryan Hashimoto. Blue Dog staff had the chance to meet…

Traditional Japanese Teas for Any Occasion

Traditional Japanese Teas for Any Occasion 2560 1988 Chloe

Growing up in the Bay Area I loved going out to sushi and Japanese restaurants, getting a nice bento box and warm cup of miso soup. My family also enjoyed…