A Porch for the Pickle Patch

A Porch for the Pickle Patch 1242 1242 Chrystal

Have you had a chance to explore the heart of California’s Gold Country that runs along Hwy 49? If not, you really ought to!  You’ll find quaint towns with wine tasting, boutique shopping, hiking, and a bunch of terrific Mom ‘n’ Pop eateries. There’s a small town charm and neighborly vibe you’ll enjoy any day of the week.

The Pickle Patch

If you start your journey off North to South you’ll come across San Andreas, CA. Small and cozy with beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the East and rolling hills up ahead. But wait! Don’t venture too far because you’ll want to pull off to your right when you see The Pickle Patch sign!

The what??? Yes, The Pickle Patch!

Gretel Tistorina, the owner of The Pickle Patch runs the establishment as a deli during the week and open for special events and catering on the weekends. Her restaurant has a total small hometown feel that is both familiar and charming. You can dine indoor or find a comfy spot out on the back patio. It’s a popular spot to eat and to catch up with friends.

Pickled Porch Cafe

If you continue on South down Hwy 49 about another 20 minutes you’ll come into the town of Angels Camp. Gretel also has a sister restaurant called Pickled Porch Cafe. She made the bold move to open this second location during the COVID-19 pandemic and boy did it pay-off. As with her first location in San Andreas, the Angels Camp location is just as live and pop’n with customers dying to get their hands on their favorite items.

The aesthetics are clean, comfy and customer oriented. The staff is super friendly and attentive to your order, which makes waiting a little longer for fresh food all the more worth while. Her restaurants are everyone’s favorite eateries and attracts near by locals from other towns regularly. Gretel knows her customers well and is sure to provide an assortment of unique and classic craft soda’s and beverages supplied by Blue Dog Beverage. The beverages available to her customers really make the meal complete. Not only are customers getting a one of kind meal but also hard to find beverages.

Don’t Miss Out

She’s got two little gold mines stashed in the middle of Gold Country. So remember, the next time you decide to take a day trip, go explore Hwy 49 and stop in at one of these two restaurants! You surely won’t be sorry you did.