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Liquid Assets: Old-fashioned boutique cane-sugar sodas quench summer thirst
By Chris Macias
Published: Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010
Nothing cures a summertime sweet tooth quite like an ice cold soda. “Liquid Assets” especially loves the old-fashioned sort of soft drink, made with real sugar in small batches – that’s right, just like your granddad
As far as “Liquid Assets” is concerned, the authenticity of a Mexican restaurant is immediately suspect if Jarritos aren’t on the menu. Jarritos are the national soda of Mexico, known for their sweet taste, festive colors and refreshing fizz. You’ll find them in all kinds of flavors, including tutifruti (fruit punch), tamarindo (tamarind) and piña (pineapple). This sweet tooth prefers the full orange flavors in mandarina, especially in between bites of spicy tacos al pastor. Now that’s a fiesta of flavors.

Back when Cafe au Creme was open on Stockton Boulevard, a grape soda was just about mandatory with some of “Barbecue Bobby’s” ribs and homemade mac ‘n’ cheese. Alas, those smoked ribs are but a memory, but at least we can still get the soda. So if you’re down with grape soda, look for this one from Boylan, a company that’s been serving soft drinks since the late 1800s. Boylan’s grape soda is certainly sweet, but tastes overall clean and refreshing instead of cloying.

No soda spectacular would be complete without some root beer. And this one’s made right here in Sacramento, hence the name “River City Root Beer.” It’s produced by Blue Dog Beverage, and this soda’s a winner for its creaminess with flavors of licorice and molasses. Pour this in a mug with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and kick back on the porch as the Delta breeze blows. Now that’s cooling off, Sacramento style.

Branded as “New England’s best tonic,” this cream soda scores points for its purity of flavors. It looks nearly like carbonated water in a glass, but take a sip and you’ll find plenty of vanilla flavor and a lighter sweetness than you might expect. This fizzy soda has an old-school feel to it, and “Liquid Assets” likes that this soda style is more about balance than going over the top with flavor and colors.

Listen up, thirsty comrades. This orange-colored soda tastes like carbonated lemonade and goes down easy with a light, easy-to-drink style. For all the silly slogans surrounding this soda (“Get Hammered & Sickled”), this soft drink has a refreshing, juicy quality that will quench you at your next picnic or workers’ rally. Caution: not recommended for serving to your favorite free-market capitalist.

Made in Sacramento, Fabulous Food Finds

December 2010 issue of Sacramento Magazine, By Marybeth Bizjak
You’ve heard of artisanal bread and artisanal cheese. But artisanal soda pop? Yup, there is such a thing, and Janet and Bob Lake are making it. They’re the brains behind River City Root Beer, a handcrafted soda made locally in small batches. The couple, who own a specialty soda distributorship, started making their own soda last year. They spent 12 months developing the recipe for their root beer, which has a rich body and a complex flavor that’s heavy on the vanilla, with just a hint of molasses and a touch of anise. They use cane sugar and natural quillaia extract, which gives their soda a nice, foamy head. Packaged in an old-fashioned glass bottle and sold at Taylor’s Market, Corti Brothers and Nugget Markets, “it’s pure nostalgic soda pop,” says Janet.

– taken from the December 2010 issue of Sacramento Magazine, Made in Sacramento, Fabulous Food Finds, By Marybeth Bizjak