River City Root Beer 12 oz. Bottle

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River City Root Beer MADE FOR ICE CREAM!! The Best on the River! River City Root Beer was designed to be an old fashioned style root beer using the 3 best features of over 50 root beers we stock. It contains Real Cane Sugar and the finest ingredients available. We make this in small batches to ensure quality control. We found this pairs especially well with vanilla ice cream. Enjoy a River City Root Beer Float today! While you drink remember the days of yesteryear when the skies were bluer and the clouds whiter and the breezes off the river kept you cooler!



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13 responses to River City Root Beer 12 oz. Bottle

  • Julia Sprecher says:

    Delicious. Had some at Jules Pizza in Danville, CA. I was wondering where else I can get some!

  • bluemo says:

    Yes, you can find it at Raley’s, Nugget Markets, Bevmo, or online at http://www.taylorsmarket.com.

  • The Lunch Lady says:

    Gotta love this root beer. There is nothing like it and I prefer it much more than any root beer, even a&aw!

  • Tyy says:

    Amazing stuff. Found it at my local Fred Meyers up here in Kent, WA. Totally worth the money.

  • Randy B. Singer says:

    My son and I decided to go on a search for the world’s best root beer. We had a great time trying and comparing every brand we could find. We ended up with three favorites. Who would have suspected that one of those favorites would have been made right here in Sacramento?!

    River City root beer is to root beer like a Ferrari is to cars; it is the best of the best. And, unlike a Ferrari, you can afford to indulge yourself with a River City root beer. It’s advertised as being for floats, but I think that sells this root beer short.

  • SueG says:

    Any chance of finding this in Maryland? Oh so good!

  • matt says:

    Wow,honestly best rootbeer I’ve ever had.. Such a good taste. Nice work

  • sasha says:

    This is my root beer of choice. I work in a root beer shop and I recommend river city to every one of our customers, i haven’t had not a one that didnt love this root beer as much as i do.

  • Cole says:


  • Darrell says:

    Wow this stuff is awesome best I ever had

  • Carole Lindner says:

    River City Root Beer is incredible! Fantastic – delicious – creamy… How wonderful, too, to support local folks. Simply THE best. Thank you.

  • Bruce says:

    Best rootbeer I’ve ever had! Such a wonderful taste

  • Pamela Craig says:

    Finally a soda that is a sarsassparilla one. I love this. I found it at my Fred Meyer in Redmond,OR I want a pallet of it.

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