Top Restaurant Suppliers In Northern California

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Starting a Restaurant? Perhaps, seeking a beverage or food distributor for your existing bar and grill?  Look no further because we have compiled a great list for all your establishment’s wholesale needs.  At Blue Dog Beverage, we have been distributing great craft beverages to restaurants, bars, and many others in Sacramento and all around Northern California for over 20 years.  We think that gives us a little clout and the ability to compile this list which we hope will be helpful to you.

Restaurants usually rely on around 3 main vendors and a couple additional suppliers for unique and rare items. For someone setting out to start a new restaurant, this task might seem quite daunting. First thing’s first. Let’s take an overall look at your menu. Now break this down into categories: meat, produce, beverages, etc.  Your vendor needs will be based on your menu needs.

Some distribution companies may supply most of what you need in a one-stop-shop from utensils, seasonings, to meat and produce. So let’s first take a look at food suppliers that are used in, and relied upon, here in Northern California.

Top 3 Food Suppliers

US Foods

US. FOODS offers more than 350,000 brand products including fresh meat and produce. For those seeking a hands on shopping experience, US FOODS offers two in-store CHEF’STORE locations in Sacramento, one in Stockton, Tracy, and Modesto. US. FOODS has made supplying your restaurant convenient by offering in-store and online shopping to scheduled distribution deliveries.


Sysco offers 4 distribution locations in the Sacramento and Central Valley. These locations are located in Pleasant Grove, Stockton, Modesto, and Turlock. Although they do not offer in-store shopping for restaurant owners, they do locally source their products such as meats and produce from our farms and ranches, supporting the Farm-to-Fork initiative.

Restaurant Depot

Restaurant Depot offers two in-store shopping locations in Roseville and Sacramento and also offers online shopping and delivery services. This store is an all-in-one for the convenience of restaurant owners. Not only does Restaurant Depot offer food and produce, the company also offers equipment and supplies.

Top 2 Restaurant Specialty Suppliers Offers more than 70,000 products and can ship to anywhere in the United States. This business and distribution center is located in Elk Grove, Ca. Conveniently enough for Northern California restaurants, they are located directly in our backyard.

Norcal Restaurant Supply

Norcal Restaurant Supply is located in Chico, California.  They tout quite proudly that they supply everything but the food! In addition to restaurant supplies they also will help design a restaurant layout and/or remodel.

Top 3 Restaurant Beverage Suppliers

Blue Dog Beverage

Blue Dog Beverage is a beverage distribution company in the Sacramento Valley which offers more than 700 beverages and snacks. This company prides itself on its vast craft soda selection and offers many unique alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  Blue Dog Beverage should be a restaurant’s go-to distributor for the widest variety of non-alcoholic specialty beverages around Sacramento and in Northern California in general.

Golden Brands

Golden Brands is the largest beer distributor in the United States, and has facilities throughout Northern California. Restaurants, bars and grills alike surely benefit from the multitude of beer and beverage choices this company has to offer.

Mussetter Distributing

Headquartered in Auburn, CA Mussetter Distributing supplies restaurants with a wide variety of specialty beverages.  Their specialty is craft beer but they also offer kombucha, hard ciders, wine, spirits, mixers, and non-alcoholic options.


We know finding the right vendor can be an overwhelming task, especially when you are juggling multiple things on your to-do list, and running a busy schedule. If you value great customer service and on-time delivery, it’s a good idea to start by looking for local vendors that can meet your needs in major ways.   Here at Blue Dog Beverage we hope to have assisted in your options for food, specialty, and beverage distributors and suppliers whether you are opening a new restaurant or simply seeking new resources for vendors.