Titanium American 10X Distilled Vodka 750ml



An extremely competitive and heated race has been taking place between distillers for a few centuries with the goal to make the cleanest tasting Vodka possible. Some have tried to distil glacier water and others have tried to make theirs in Cognac distilleries. In the end, technology has triumphed all these attempts. Titanium Vodka uses unique brewing, cutting edge filtration technology and time-honored traditional distilling techniques to make the cleanest tasting Vodka possible – produced by any distillery, sold at any price.

Minhas starts with 2 row barley malt and they add pure water coming from the natural limestone filtration from 1,200 feet below the surface. Then they add their proprietary yeast strain to start the fermentation process. The blend is then left for almost a month in 800 barrel horizontal stainless steel tanks to convert sugar to alcohol. Interestingly, other distillers use only 3 to 5 days of fermentation in their production. After this, they send the stream through a specialized filtration process at extremely high pressure that uses a cutting edge Nano Filtration process followed by a unique Reverse Osmosis method.

The final result is a flavorless, clear spirit at 16% alcohol by volume. The spirit they have at this point is as clear as the competitor’s final product, and they have not even started distillation. This stream is converted to Titanium Vodka by distilling it in small batches using a pot still vessel not much different than the finest single malt Scotches and Cognacs, followed with fractionation distillation in their tall distillation columns 10 times before it is hand packaged into custom made glass bottles.

Titanium Vodka is 10 times distilled and its clearest Vodka in the market which makes the best tasting martinis and cocktails. It is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike other vodkas, it doesn’t contain any added sugar or glycerine.  Tasting Note: Clear color with a platinum cast and a minute haze. Aromas of vanilla yogurt, floral prairie grass, and Brazil nuts with silky, dryish medium body and a creamy, marjoram, chalk, and spice accented finish. An interesting Eastern European style vodka with a slightly herbal, gin-like quality that will make for clever cocktails.  Pre-Order Item contact us for further information.

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