Ramune Strawberry Japanese Soda 6.76oz Bottle



The beautifully tinted, imaginatively shaped Ramune bottle, with a texture that evokes a certain feeling of warmth… Ramune has been a beloved cultural staple since the Meiji era (the mid 1800s) in Japan. Indeed, it is impossible not to feel a nostalgic charm for its unique appearance and flavor.

So what is “Ramune”?

Ramune is a carbonated drink that has a glass marble “plug” in the mouth of the bottle. Regarding questions concerning Ramune, in 1978, the (Fair Trade Commission) has released the following statement:

“A situation arising over the misunderstanding by the consumer regarding Ramune is unfavorable. Therefore, the name “Ramune” refers to a carbonated beverage filled in a bottle with a glass-marble plug (also known as a Codd-Neck Bottle). Nurtured into creation by the efforts of small businesses for nearly 150 years, one could say that Ramune is the pioneer of the Japanese soft drink.”


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