Get Your Margarita On!

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There is nothing more satisfying than sipping a well made and perfectly delicious margarita! You know, a nice salted rim, and the perfect combination of sweet and tangy citrus notes that make your taste buds jump for joy. A truly great margarita gets you salivating and smacking your lips in anticipation for the next delicious sip.

It’s hard to find someone who can make the same drink with exact consistency. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been let down more times than I have been pleasantly surprised.

Tia Linda’s Margaritas

There’s something to be said about attention to detail. And a good margarita certainly requires good attention to everything that makes it delicious. Blue Dog Beverage has just debuted Tia Linda’s Margarita to the menu. And boy, was it made with the upmost attention to detail. Not only that, but the quality ingredients used are hands down an attractive reason to give-it-a-go. You can expect organic lemon and lime juice, REAL cane sugar, and a pinch of salt. But that’s not all…

Tia Linda’s Margarita is made with real tequila folks (18% ABV to be exact), this isn’t a seltzer or a beer pretending to be something it isn’t.  This pre-made, real tequila havin’, ready-to-drink margarita will impress the most stubborn of skeptics out there. Myself included.

I popped the can open, took a little taste and my eyes widened with delight. Being the picky margarita drinker that I am, I was so very pleasantly surprised by how genuine and authentic this classic margarita tasted. I surely wasted no time enjoying the rest of the drink down to the last drop.

Don’t Forget about the Party

The experts over at Tia Linda’s really knew what they were doing when they crafted this one. The best part is that its overall flavor and quality is consistent in every can. I wish I could say that about what the bartender brings me every time I visit my favorite restaurant.

“But what about a party or a large gathering,” you ask? No problem. Tia Linda’s got ya’ covered on that one too. Tia Linda’s is sold in 1.75 liter bottles as well as the 200 ml on-the-go margarita cans. The practical and convenient options are there whether you’re rock’n it solo or sharing with friends.


At the end of the day everyone appreciates a special treat. The Tia Linda’s brand can be trusted by consumers when it comes to quality ingredients, exceptional flavor and consistency in each and every sip. Make an impression the next time you gather with loved ones and knock their socks off with this perfect classic Tia Linda’s Margarita. Mmmmmmmm Delicioso!